Saint John 2019

Maria and Fiona working together on a large piece in Saint John.

During this residency we traveled to Saint John, New Brunswick. The Saint John Arts Centre is a welcoming hub for exhibitions, community events, art classes and more, located in the gorgeous Carnegie building constructed in 1904. We are grateful to the fantastic folks that run SJAC who let us take over the Percival Workshop/Gallery space which was a bright spacious hall. We spent an entire month creating new work in the Percival room. This time around we worked on a quadriptic, a set of four large 44×44” ink paintings on paper that make up one big image. In addition to all the lovely visitors who stopped by, we also had a good amount of press. You can check out a little news clip on CTV, a lovely full-page article in the Saint John Telegraph Journal (see below) and a Podcast interview with Stephen G Hurley.

Maria and Fiona drawing on a new collaborative piece

During this residency, we decided to create a large piece in panels as opposed to our usual one large panel format. We also took a lot of inspiration from the Hubble Space Telescopes “Deep Field” imagery, which resulted in a black background that we had never done before at this size. It quickly became clear we would need a second residency to finish this large piece, which we did during our 2023 studio residency at Fiona’s home.

Shared Energies: The Universe Within is our next upcoming exhibition, which you will be able to see on view at the Saint John Arts Centre from March 25, 2024 – April 26, 2024. We hope you can stop by and see the work in person.

See more about the exhibition.

A kind thank you to the crew at SJAC for everything and for Signe for putting us up in her gorgeous home! Thank you to Mel Hattie for coming to Saint John to photograph us.