Inverness 2016

Our first Inverness residency was short, but incredibly productive. We only spent seven days in Inverness, NS at the Inverness County Centre for the Arts and we squeezed an amazing amount of studio time, installed two exhibitions, attended one opening and taught two workshops during that brief time. Thinking back, it is hard to imagine we made all this happen, but we learned a lot from this brief adventure! Most importantly, it taught us that we need to be in the same place for more than two weeks each year to keep this project moving forward. We are very grateful to Elizabeth Whalley for taking a chance on us and our project! Sometimes it just takes one person to be the catalyst to something much bigger.

This was the first time we worked on the large 45 x 70 inch drawings. It was extremely challenging and vigorous, but it made us realize that we absolutely had to continue this and see where it would lead us. It was also interesting to lay out all our smaller drawings we had been mailing back and forth throughout the year to see the progress we had made. It was through doing this, we were able to carry elements of the smaller works into the two large pieces.

Though it was unplanned when we arrived in Inverness, the Art Centre kindly offered us an exhibition space in the hallway outside the studio space. As it was early days for our project, we installed the 20 small works we had finished by mail before we arrived in Inverness. We also included the two new large pieces upon completion. To fill the rest of the space, we curated a selection of our individual works and juxtaposed them beside each other.

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